When we’re thinking about donating to charitable causes, we can often wonder how much of our donation will get to the people who need it. What’s more, with so many worthy causes out there we can also wonder if our donation could be put to better use elsewhere. Rest assured that every single penny donated to us goes to improving, and indeed saving the lives of people in some of the most neglected communities in the world. There’s no cause more worthy than saving the lives of innocent women, children and men and that’s what we work hard to do each and every day.

So much accomplished, yet so far to go

Already we’ve done sterling work with communities in some of the poorest parts of Asia and the Middle East. We’ve brought access to clean water to people at huge risk of illness and death from water borne diseases or illnesses caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. We’ve helped these communities to become more self-reliant; to farm and feed for themselves. We’ve also ensured that the young children who would traditionally spend hours or days away from home searching for water are instead able to get access to education and break the cycle of poverty.

Yet, with so many suffering and lacking in clean water due to famine, war, poverty or just ill-government, there are still so many we have yet to help. The generous donations and support we’ve already received have brought us this far. Now we need to go further.

The people need us, and we need ​​you!

People are dying right now. We have the tools, the knowledge and the passion to save them. But we can’t do it without your help.

Please donate today. Your donation ​will​ save lives!

To make a donation directly via bank transfer, please use the account details below:

SORT CODE: 20-08-98
ACCOUNT NO: 03879062

IBAN: GB12 BUKB 2008 9803 8790 62

Please label your donations clearly with your name and any particular cause you would like your donation to be used for and please notify us when you have made your donation by emailing us at: and we’ll send you a receipt.