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Water. There are few more essential components to our health and wellbeing and in the eyes of the UN General Assembly (as per Resolution 64/292) it’s an essential human right. However, our humanitarian work takes us to places all around the world where access to clean drinking water is but a fantasy for many. This is a tragedy and a fundamental inequity that we work hard to rectify.

Bringing water to those who need it most

Our work takes us all around the world, to the poorest areas in Asia to the Middle East, providing communities with clean drinking water from sustainable sources. Many of us take clean drinking water for granted. Yet we work with communities who, through war, famine, poverty or poor governance do not have access to this basic yet precious commodity.

Protecting the people from death and disease

Our work allows us to help end the loss of life through water borne diseases which are tragically rife in some parts of the world. ​An estimated 801,000 children under the age of 5 die every year from diarrhea alone. In 88% of circumstances this is due to a lack of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation or lack of water for basic hygiene.

Not to mention the millions of people afflicted with painful and life threatening Neglected Tropical Diseases from Guinea Worm Disease to Schistosomiasis, most of which are water and / or hygiene related.

We hope you agree that the humanitarian work we carry out everyday is of paramount importance to some of the poorest and most neglected communities in the world. ​This is all possible thanks to our supporters and donors who support our great work. Please continue to support us. Your donation saves lives.

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